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What, random meme? Sure.

Posted on 08.29.2009 at 17:59
Current Location: STL
Mood of the moment: stressedstressed
I don't particularly like posting things on facebook, but I do kind of like honoring tags, so I'm posting this here instead. Random life update: I'm now happily settled in St. Louis teaching science to 6th graders at a charter middle school. My significant other is an irritating 550 miles away, but we'll deal.

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Good Morning Class

Posted on 05.07.2009 at 19:03
Current Location: St Paul (for 3 more weeks)
Mood of the moment: indescribableindescribable
Music stuck in my head: The ice cream truck outside
In the past 36 hours or so I:

* Was offered a job teaching high school science in St. Louis Missouri through Teach for America.
* Accepted the job teaching high school science in St. Louis Missouri.
* Found out I need to have an apartment in St Louis by July 27th.
* And that I will be training from June 7th through July 11th in Atlanta, Georgia.
* And that I need to be at orientation in St Louis, Missouri on June 1st.
* AND that Kyle and Tali will continue to inhabit our current apartment.
* Discovered that I need to purchase a car by June 1st.
* And a professional teaching-friendly wardrobe.
* Was awarded the Monroe Bell Prize in Biblical Scholarship (very honored by that).
* Was offered a full time full benefits job as a Development Assistant at the museum I currently work for.
* Politely declined said full time full benefits job.
* Printed off about 75 pages of Useful Information, filed them neatly in a post-it ordered binder, and highlighted useful bits in colors corresponding to their use.
* Cried. Because honestly? What would you be doing?

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Posted on 09.05.2008 at 00:02
Current Location: JAPAN!
Mood of the moment: excitedexcited
Music stuck in my head: Ludo
Hi livejournal people.

I'm in Japan. I've been in Japan for about a week and a half now. I am really enjoying everything here, with the possible exceptions of the humidity (92%!!!) and the spiders (oh my dear sweet LORD the spiders). So far my classes are all either the most intellectually stimulating or the most fun I have ever had. I have made friends. I am, overall, doing just awesome.

I have also chosen a medium other than livejournal to document my travels. So if for some unknown reason you have the burning desire to keep tabs on me while I frolic through the rice and the swamp-air, may I direct you to my new site:


Which is FINALLY up and running.

Also, if you would like a post card from Japan (woo! man, seriously loving it over here), leave your address and a witty remark in the comments (which are being screened for your internet privacy convenience).

I miss you all.

And Target.

Off to Japan

Posted on 08.22.2008 at 11:15
Current Location: America for a couple more hours
Mood of the moment: indescribableindescribable
Well folks, this is it. I leave today for a semester in Akita, Japan. I'll be back in late December. I'm terrified and excited, under prepared and over packed. I will be blogging the adventure at www.thejessmess.com, which will be up in a few days.

I meant to see a lot more people before I left. Things at home kinda got rough in the past week or two, so I didn't get the chance. I apologize to those I missed, and I really want to do stuff when I get home.

Off I go.

Posted on 06.02.2008 at 12:44
Current Location: SMM
Mood of the moment: excitedexcited
Well, we are 99% moved into our new apartment. I can't believe how incredibly happy it makes me to be living in a place that is clean, mouse free, and thief free. Oh, and pretty on top of that. Even with boxes everywhere, hot, stuffy, and lacking internet it is a vast improvement.

In other news, I had a near perfect day yesterday. We went to the Conservatory, the Como zoo, and DQ. It was awesome.

Posted on 05.23.2008 at 22:50
Current Location: 1010
Mood of the moment: boredbored
Music stuck in my head: That 70s Show
News from the home front:

1. I have purchased my tickets to Japan. Ooooh boy, that was nerve wracking, and the trip will be nuts. I leave on the 23rd of August. I fly from Minneapolis, to New York, to Seoul Korea, to Akita. Yeah, that makes logical sense. Then the flight home I go from Akita to god-only-knows-where-Japan, stay there for a 12 hour layover, fly to Tokyo, then Chicago, then HOME!!! on the 20th of December.

Then on the 21st, I hop on a train to go out to Washington state for Christmas. Lord.

2. Internship and job? Going well. They make me realize how much I love having a fun work environment, and how much I completely support and love the idea of adoption.

3. Gonna be out of this 1010 hell hole in t-minus 8 days. WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!

4. 21 in t-minus 4 days. License is renewed and all systems are go.

5. Grades are in... I fully expected this semester to be my absolute worst, grade-wise. I did not try. I did all of my end of semester projects and papers at the last minute. I didn't study. Hell, I just plain did not care about school anymore, I just wanted to be done, this semester was hell. I said my goodbyes to my GPA. And then? I got better grades this semester than I have ever gotten in my life. My GPA went UP by more than .1, reaching an all time personal high. What have I learned from this? Hamline is too fucking easy. I'm terrified for grad school, because I have not been prepared for any level of intense work or criticism of my work. Guh. Screw this. I'm not going to do another reading for the rest of my college career.

6. My sister graduates from highschool in 2 weeks! Congrats to her! Yay Erin!

Posted on 05.14.2008 at 01:23
Current Location: 1010
Mood of the moment: sicksick
I'm writing a paper for Neuro, and my word processor does not accept the word "neuroscience". Instead, it suggests that I substitute "pseudoscience". *headdesk*

I finally got my summer all straightened out.
-I will be living on Sherburne, with Kyle and Amanda, in a nice little apartment featuring a dishwasher, hardwood floors, and an in unit washer/dryer (SCORE!).
-I tripped and fell into an internship with Children's Home Society and Family Services, where I will be working with the International Adoption - Eastern Europe and Russia department. That starts tomorrow (today...) at 9.
-I snagged a job working for the Science Museum in their call center. Flexible schedule, lots of freedom to do whatever between calls, carpooling with Amanda, perfect. This starts for real on Friday at 10.

Before I can get down to all that business, I still need to write this !@#$%^& neuro lit review and a couple 2 pagers for my religion colloquium. Motivation? GONE! This is going to be a rough night...

Posted on 03.21.2008 at 00:27
Current Location: Chandler, AZ
Mood of the moment: relaxedrelaxed
Well, Kyle and I tagged along with my parents to drive down to Arizona (via Denver) for spring break. It fulfilled all of our major spring break requirements: Warm? Check! Somewhat lacking in the responsibility department? Check! Approximately the price of a bag of dirt? Double check! It has been great to get away from the demands of our house and such and spend time with each other, the sun, and (in my case) my family. We got to see Drew in Denver, which was cool.

Currently, I am sprawled out under a ceiling fan wishing the a/c was on while berating myself for being such a wuss (it's only 71 degrees... at 10:30 PM, sigh). I can't believe that when we get back I will only have a month and a half left of class, and after that only one more semester at Hamline campus before I graduate. Time flies and all that.

Hope everyone else is having a good spring break, also hope to see some of you when I get back.

Posted on 02.08.2008 at 00:52
Mood of the moment: boredbored
Music stuck in my head: Stupid wild hawk in the basement squwaking
Glorious day, I have successfully figured out how to edit the Hamline theatre website from the comfort of my own home, on my own computer. This means everything is actually FAST, not slow as shit and constantly crashing. But mostly this means I can actually get more work done because I can work when I have the most time - in the middle of the night. Not that there is a whole heck of a lot of work to do. Oh well, still cool.

In other news, I am now officially a babysitter. How strange.

Posted on 01.10.2008 at 00:09
Current Location: 1010
Mood of the moment: shockedshocked
I should probably share this officially, since it still doesn't seem real, and I'm not entirely sure who all I have told yet.

Last semester I kinda-sorta-spur-of-the-moment applied to study abroad, in Japan. First day of J-term, I got the acceptance letter. So, Sept-Dec 08, I will be in Akita, Japan. Expect a travel blog to materialize in the not so distant future.

In other news, Kyle and I bought ourselves a dining room table/4 chair set. I love it. Come over for dinner and you can eat off of it.

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